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but they say that they have good evidence that this man is the killer and that he acted alone. fairfield police arrested this man, 32-year-old anthony lamar jones at 7 a.m. at his home on east tabor avenue in fairfield. they say they identified him very early on as a suspect in this investigation. and that they had him under 24- hour surveillance so the community was not in danger. 13-year-old genelle conway allen was found dead in allan witt park in fairfield a week ago. her body was naked in the parking lot found by a passerby just before 7 a.m. she lived in a foster home and had last been seen earlier. at that news conference about 20 minutes ago, police wouldn't answer any questions about exactly what happened to her but said the investigation is ongoing. >> investigators are following
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up with potential witnesses and associates, therefore please be patient until further information can be released. our priority is due process and successful prosecution. >> reporter: now, that officer also road a statement from genelle's foster mother. she is obviously distraught. there is going to be a vigil in her honor at 6:30 tonight. we'll have a lot more information for you on this suspect at that point. right now live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. 23 million people are under a blizzard warning at two powerful storms move into the northeast. the snow has been falling for several hours already. but the worst is still ahead. reporter torrie dunnand has the latest from boston where prepping for a nor'easter. >> stay off the roads. stay home. let the public works crews do their jobs the next 48 to 72 hours. >> reporter: from new jersey to
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maine, thousands of pieces of equipment are standing by. >> we really are watching as the frigid cold temperatures in the driving winds and the snow blowing into the roads so we have a prolonged flight. >> reporter: earlier it week the region marked the 35th anniversary of the deadly blizzard of 1978. forecasters say there are some similarities between the historic beast and what's brewing today, but the outcome will not be quite as dramatic. >> this storm, too, looks like it may stall. instead of stalling for two to three days, it may be more in the order of 12 to 24 hours. >> reporter: with refrigerators stocked and shovels at the ready, everyone is being advised to go home, hunker down, and ride this out. the massachusetts national guard has some 6,000 troops ready to help with this store. there are also hundreds of snowplows and trucks on streets here in boston ready to help, as well. again, though, authorities are telling people, stay home,
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don't come out. it's going to be too dangerous. the snow is already picking up in boston. back to you. nasa released this image from space showing the size of the two massive storms merging for one big blizzard over the northeast. kpix 5 meteorologist lawrence karnow is in the weather center tracking this storm. looks impressive. >> it is going to be one heck of a storm as this puts itself together as we think it might. look at the latest satellite and radar images. you see one low coming from the central united states. that bringing in a lot of that cold air from canada. and then that nor'easter moving along the coastline and the two, guess what, are just now putting themselves together. this has potential to be some serious storm. maybe the strongest blizzard we have seen since about 1978. we are talking maybe a foot of snow in new york city. about 2 feet in hartford. about 3 feet of snow in boston if it all comes together. that combined with 70-mile-per- hour winds. that could be a paralyzing storm over the next 24 hours.
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that's the latest, guys. back to you. >> thank you. air travel across the country is being paralyzed by the blizzard bearing down on the east coast. dozens of flights at bay area airports are grounded or delayed today. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at sfo today and cate, the delays and cancellations, sounds like they are only going to get worse. >> reporter: that is exactly right, michelle. the latest numbers that i have for you this afternoon is that 60 flights have been canceled here out of sfo. that's 40 departures and 20 arrivals. and to make things worse, we understand that secondary flights meaning planes that originate in the northeast could have their later flights canceled as well so it's just not the day for travelers. dozens of canceled flights out of sfo means long lines. united airlines set up a specific line just for those having to rebook flights around the northeast mayhem. >> really looks like an airline attempt to proactively cancel flights reach out to their
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passengers before they come to the airport, to advise them of what's happening. >> reporter: travelers waited more than an hour just to get to the front. even then, how they would get to their destinations still unknown. >> pretty interesting. expected to get on the flight and now we'll see where i'm going. >> reporter: kamilah was trying to get back to finland. she says she is okay with the delay. but she only wished she found out sooner. >> i feel like i should go back to hawaii. we came from hawaii yesterday. why didn't they call us there and say you don't have to come back. >> reporter: patrick is trying to get back to philadelphia tole school. we asked him how his classmates are preparing for the storm. >> i don't know that they are particularly concerned about it. they aren't said much about it. we are more concerned about midterms. >> reporter: others concerned about getting where they need to be. at this point airport leaders say all we can do is wait. we're told these rebooking lines could be longer during the day. >> very much a wait-and-see situation. it looks like the storm system is just starting to make its
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way into the northeast so i think it's reasonable to expect the possibility of more cancellations as the day progresses. >> reporter: now, some travelers told me they are being rebooked as far out as sunday so they will have to be here throughout the weekend and we're also expecting more cancellations tomorrow. reporting live from sfo, cate caugiran, kpix 5. new details today about the search for a former l.a. police officer wanted in three killings. cbs reporter bigad shaban on the manhunt now centered on a california mountain resort. >> reporter: police officers were looking for christopher dorner in big bear on thursday. they followed footprints in the snow but came up empty. >> we'll continue to search primarily up in the mountains to make sure there's a lot of cabins up there that are abandoned, we want to make sure he didn't find a place to hide out for the night. >> reporter: police are scrambling to find the former lapd officer and navy reservist
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before he can attack again. he is accused of murdering three people including one police officer. in a rambling manifesto, he wrote, "the violence of action will be high. i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those on or off duty. you will be prey." officers are guarding the headquarters at downtown los angeles and will stay until dorner is captured or killed. law enforcement in southern california is on high alert. >> this is a somewhat unprecedented or at least a very rare occurrence for us where you have a trained and heavily armed person who is hunting for a police officer. >> reporter: the lapd fired dorner for making false statements. police say his first victims were monica quan and her fiance. she is the daughter of the lapd officer who represented dorner during his disciplinary
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hearing. lapd is now protecting dozens of potential targets, named in dorner's manifesto. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. a man who slipped out of san jose police custody and took off with their van is back behind bars. officers re-arrested anthony sanchez last night. he was found sleeping in a stolen vehicle. sanchez was initially arrested wednesday on outstanding warrants. officers used two sets of handcuffs because of his big shoulders. well, he was able to free his arms and steal the police van. police tell us sanchez still had both sets of handcuffs when he was re-arrested. coming up, a smash-and-grab with major damage. the east bay store hit hard this morning. >> and the bay area gas station tops $5 a gallon. why prices are back -- why prices are back on the rise. >> the wayne is winding down around the bay area. will it stay dry for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up.
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the suspect drove the truck into the window of a t-mobile store in the clayton valley shopping ce his police are looking for a thief who crashed a truck in a concord shopping center into the window of the t-mobile at the clayton valley shopping center 6:00 this morning. robbers stole several phones and then ran off and as you can, left the truck behind. gas prices are on the way up again but when you see this sign, this is really high. chico's in south san francisco is charging $5.03 for a gallon of regular now. gas prices have shot up almost 40 cents in the past month. why? high crude prices, refinery problems, and switching to the more expensive summer blend of fuel. stress on the job can lead to health risks like smoking and over eating but in today's healthwatch, researchers say there is no evidence it causes
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cancer. a study in the british medical journal looked at work related stress and found no link to the development of colorectal, lung, breast or prostate cancers. but job strain can cause chronic inflammation, which may be a chance risk. eating -- a cancer risk. eating southern style foods could raise risk of stroke. diets high in fried food, bacon, ham, sugar and sweet tea, it was found the fatty, salty sugary foods can lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, which can raise the risk of stroke by more than 40%. you can teach an old dog new tricks. today stephanie tantillo shows her dad a spicy healthy pasta. >> and there's a lot of great broccoli in the market right now. and we made a great broccoli pasta. >> whole wheat pasta with vegetable stock and sun-dried tomatoes and fresh romas in here. add some pasta water and olive
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oil. but i wanted to add some of our creation which is just regular extra virgin olive oil and hot pepper flakes and we have to marinade like that it makes the oil spicy. >> now we plate this thing. look at in coming in nice. nice. you don't have to feel so guilty. >> one more thing about th broccoli, we didn't blanche it. >> no. i was afraid it would get too soft and lose flavor. >> so we'll add toasted bread crumbs on top just like that. where's your fork? you can't find a fork? i tell you what, i got one for you. >> i got a bigger one. [ laughter ] >> ciao. that looks so good. >> do they cook or eat a lot? >> both! >> a little bit of both. >> why wouldn't you? >> exactly. >> that looks so good. there is that big storm in the northeast that we're looking at this weekend. this is no messing around. that is going to be dangerous out there. let's take you out there right now. in fact, we're seeing that snow coming down in foxboro, yes, it is getting ugly already.
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and these next 24 hours, maybe as much as three feet of snow into the boston area. so yeah, no messing around. that is one dangerous storm. of course, we had some of rainfall overnight and we are not done yet. our high-def doppler radar showing most of that moved south toward gilroy. skies beginning to break up right now. overlooking san jose. it looks like a chilly afternoon. it's going to be a bit breezy along the bay and toward the coastline. tonight clear and cold likely to see temperatures near freezing and then a dry weekend with slow warming. out over the bay looking good but it's chilly outside. 48 degrees in livermore, it's 47 right now in san jose and 53 in san francisco. you can see as this low makes its way to the south now, dragging a lot of the moisture with it, southern california getting walloped by this storm system now but we are beginning to dry out. more snow though expected up in the sierra nevada. make sure you bring your changes if you are headed that direction this afternoon. the low will move out and high pressure will sneak it. so it looks like some better
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weather ahead as the showers are coming to an end now. this afternoon looking nice as we head throughout the bay area, although it's going to be cool. possibly a couple of leftover showers into the central valley and snow in the high country. and we start to dry out locally. if you are headed to the golf tournament, a little bit wet there today. but i think by the weekend, it's going to be great. lots of sunshine, a bit cool so grab a jacket if you are headed to the at&t at pebble beach. otherwise around the bay area, how about this? temperature-wise about 52 degrees, breezy in pacifica, you will see about 53 in livermore more and 54 degrees in san jose. this afternoon, overnight lows going to be chilly, down to the freezing mark in some spots inland once again. waking up to some frost. but here we go, the weekend looking good. lots of sunshine coming our way, temperatures slowly warming up and staying dry well into the middle of next week. but the storm on the eastern seaboard boy, no joke. that's going to be one -- [overlapping speakers] >> i have a house out there still. two to three feet of snow, one storm? that's unheard of. >> nobody is going to be moving around. maybe the biggest storm since 1978. >> we'll see.
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thank you. still ahead, roberta gonzales hits the streets in the kpix 5 mobile weather lab. >> i'm on the streets of san francisco. i came on out with mobile weather and we came to this particular spot because this will be the scene tonight for a very benefit. the details as eyewitness news continues right here on kpix 5.
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good afternoon. we have just getting out of our kpix 5 mobile weather lab. we came to the corner of kansas 15th and henry adams avenue here in san francisco. let's go ahead and take a look at our weather maps. wherever we go, we can take a look at the current conditions. and sure, you'll probably see a glare off my photographer edgar. that's because sun every sunshine is prevailing in the city as high pressure builds in at 30.00. the air temperature has now jumped up to 53 degrees when we arrived here it was at 50. humidity at 49%. and the winds have been fluctuating between 3 and 10 miles per hour. generally out of the north and northeast. we came here to this particular location today, this is the home of the san francisco design center and that is the location tonight. the hottest place in town for a very special benefit. it's the second annual hope dog runway show. today they are preparing for one of the mightiest events in
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town because this is an extraordinary benefit that kpix 5 is a proud sponsor of. now, we are anticipating just like last year 45 dogs to strut their stuff on the runway and then you will see who is best in show. now, we do this and we sponsor this because it's all to raise money for companions -- canine companions for independence which is a unique program that provides talented animals that are trained to help benefit kids and adults who have disabilities. so again, tonight, big benefit right here in the streets of san francisco. i'm roberta gonzales with mobile weather for kpix 5. year. ============b r e a k ====== >> when we come back, a look inside this weekend's grammy awards and one contender for album of the year.
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answer to keeping those s... well, this is the time of year we ditch those new year's resolutions. dr. kim has an answer to keeping those exercise resolutions. how the blitz workout can shake up your routine and keep you on track. that is coming up at 5:00. the grammys are days away. they will be given out right here on cbs sunday night at 8:00. today we have an inside look at one of the bands up for album of the year. >> taylor and i have revealed
12:24 pm
the nominees in one more grammy category. album of the year. >> some nights by fun. >> it's a dramatic theatrical big pop rock band. >> each song is such a huge anthem and they go for broke on every song and they have this huge chorus and they have this fist pump moment. >> sometimes you find a band that they might speak to one genre but somehow, some of the music that they make just seems to creep into all the other genres. >> i think they are a long time -- particularly with younger bands. i think post-nirvana there has been a desire not to be big in the first place and not to sort of make the big statement. ♪ [ music ]♪ ♪ carry on ♪ the ♪ >> sounds like i don't know a little bit. >> if queen had like a broadway musical. >> queen comes to mind, electric light orchestra comes
12:25 pm
to mind. these are not common references or plus this these days. when things like that connect, they can connect in a very big way at a time when a lot of people are scared to swing for the fences, these guys -- the fact that they came back with a song that people cared about is a reason that people can feel okay about voting for them in the big categories this year. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> also want to congratulate all of tonight's nominees. >> we'll see you at the grammys on february 10th! [ applause and cheers ] >> they sound good. >> they do. sunday night. finally we know joe flacco went to disneyland after the super bowl but where did colin kaepernick go? >> of course he went to the tattoo shop. he added more ink to his chest to match his wildly tatted arms. the san jose artist who did the work said it reflects inner strength, spiritual growth and humility. >> have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado
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>> steffy: yeah, it's been a really tough time for dad. but i think he's gonna be okay. >> thomas: what about you? you don't seem like yourself. what's going on? >> steffy: that's a loaded question. >> thomas: did something happen while you were gone? >> steffy: yeah. and something happened when i
12:29 pm
got back. liam asked me to move out. [ knock on door ] >> taylor: hi. >> liam: hi. >> taylor: i'm here to pick up steffy's things. >> liam: yeah, come on in. uh, it's... i packed everything. it's mostly just clothes, so... >> taylor: you're making a big mistake. you have no idea. steffy is not going to continue to be treated like this. >> liam: look, i'm trying to do the right thing here, taylor. i have a lot to figure out, and i can't do it with steffy here. it's not fair to any of us. >> taylor: to hope, you mean. >> rick: i'm so happy for you. >> hope: mm. >> rick: i'm just glad that i didn

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